GamerGo – Cashback for Gamers

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Introducing Gamergo

After much hard work and perseverance, I’m finally been able to introduce the blog to GamerGo. We’ve decided to launch the blog today to coincide with the launch of our new landing page over on the GamerGo homepage. With the welcome and much needed support of friends and family, I’m happy to announce GamerGo will be launching in June later this month. GamerGo is a Cashback for Gamers platform, offering cashback for purchases made on all of our chosen retailers.

So what is Cashback and how exactly does it work?

Cashback is a simple concept, already offered by a number of credit card companies for spending money on their cards in many high street stores. With respect to GamerGo; we carefully select online retailers we feel are reputable and who are widely recognised. We display links to these retailers on our website; allowing you to search for your favoured ones. Provided you are logged in, when you click through and successfully purchase something, GamerGo is paid a small commission for sending you there in the first-place. We give this commission back to you in the form of cashback which you are then able to cash out into your PayPal account.

What’s coming up first

Our strategy will see us launching primarily to the UK market with limited availability in the European market through some of our retailers. As the imminent launch creeps up later this month, we are already on boarding retailers from all over Europe and the US so that gamers around the World will be able to benefit our services.

What’s coming up next

Moving forward we will be launching affiliate partnerships with content publishers such as Streamers, YouTubers and Teams allowing those people to build financial growth and eventually financial sustainability.

Why you should use GamerGo

As a company our ethos is unequivocally to build Esports as an industry while having a direct benefit to you, the gamers.